Refund Policy

  • No refund will be given if you fail to comply with any of the above terms and conditions.
  • Deposits will not be refunded if you cancel your booking under any circumstances. This deposit will go directly to the waitresses to cover their time.
  • Your deposit is paid against your original booking. If, for any reason you make significant change to the booking, your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Time, date and location changes are acceptable, but it may incur additional charges and the waitresses selected may not be available.
    • Time changes must be advised 24hrs before the booking.
    • Date changes must be advised 72hrs before the selected booking date.
    • Location changes may incur additional travel expenses depending on booking location.
  • If a waitress cannot make it to the event for any reason, in case of a last-minute incident that results in a no-show by the waitress, and we cannot find a last-minute replacement. The deposit amount equivalent to booking that specific model/models will be refunded.
  • As the booking contact it is your responsibility to ensure all guests understand these terms and rules for behaviour.

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